The 2013-14 Elings Prize Fellowships in Experimental Science

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The California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) at UC Santa Barbara invites applications for the Elings Prize Postdoctoral Fellowships in experimental nanoscience. Eligible research can be in any area of the physical sciences, biology, or engineering. The fellowships provide a salary of $60,000/yr. for two years, renewable for a third, along with benefits and research funds.

Successful applicants will work with, and receive partial support from, experimentalists on the CNSI faculty; applications must be coordinated with the relevant faculty supervisor(s). Fellowship recipients must have completed a Ph.D. in science or engineering prior to their arrival at CNSI.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2014
Application Status Notification: March 14, 2014


All applicants must be potential postdoctoral researchers who intend to perform their research at UCSB under the direction of a CNSI faculty member. Current UCSB graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are not eligible to participate in this competition.

Graduate Students who will have obtained their PhDs prior to January 31, 2014 date are encouraged to apply for the current competition.

Application Process and Deadlines

Only applications submitted online will be considered in the application review process. All application materials including letters of recommendation and research plans are due by the published application deadline. A letter of recommendation may be submitted by the proposed advisor.

How to Apply

Applications must include:

  1. A cover letter summarizing the applicant's background, indicating the area of proposed research, and listing the experimental group(s) with which the research will be pursued.
  2. A complete curriculum vitae of the applicant's educational and professional experience, listing all publications.
  3. A one-page research summary, to be completed in coordination with the proposed faculty supervisor.
  4. Three supporting letters of recommendation to be submitted by the recommenders directly through the fellowship website at: Recommenders may submit their letters online only. When the names and email addresses of the recommenders are entered into the online application, they will receive a message instructing them how to electronically submit their recommendations.

Email inquiries can be sent to:

Experimental Groups

Applicants must indicate in their cover letter the experimental group(s) with whom they would be interested in working; prior contact with potential experimental advisors is mandatory. An alphabetical list of the faculty may be found on the CNSI Faculty page. Collaborative research projects are highly encouraged.

2013 Elings Prize Fellows

Himanshu Mishra

Himanshu Mishra received his PhD at California Institute of Technology under joint advisement of Professor Bill Goddard, Professor Mike Hoffmann, and Dr. A. J. Colussi. His experimental and theoretical work in physical chemistry and chemical physics clarified ongoing debates on (1) acidity versus basicity of the air-water interface and (2) the role of electrostatic reorganization in mediating proton transfers at the interface of water and hydrophobe media, such as air and several biomaterials. Previously, he worked with polyethylenimine based chelating resins for water treatment and integration of bismuth telluride films onto surfaces covered with carbon nanotube mats toward enhanced contact performance. Currently, as an Elings Prize postdoctoral fellow of the California NanoSystems Institute at UC Santa Barbara, Himanshu is working at the Interfacial Sciences Laboratory with Professor Jacob Israelachvili on fundamental science, instrumentation, and engineering solutions pertaining to desalination and oil recovery.