CNSI Uses 3D Printers to Make Protective Gear

CNSI Uses 3D Printers to Make Protective Gear

March 29, 2020

CNSI's Innovation Workshop and Microfluidics Laboratory Manager, Dave Bothman, is leading CNSI's effort to 3D print face shields for local hospitals and law enforcement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNSI has developed facilities where faculty, staff, students and local start-up companies at UCSB can build scientific instruments and prototypes of their inventions. Among the various resources in the workshop and lab, 3D printers, laser cutters and other tools are well suited for rapid prototyping.  Under normal circumstances, these facilities are bustling with activity of several researchers building parts for their experiments.  However, the CNSI Microfluidics Lab and Innovation Workshop are closed due to UCSB's COVID-19 research shutdown.

in an effort to help our local community, Dave Bothman is now using these otherwise empty facilities to make 3D-printing face shields to augment other protective equipment worn by health professionals.  Masks will also be provided to campus law enforcement professionals who are continuing to work to keep our campus safe at this time.

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