Stephen Wilson

CNSI Associate Director, Quantum Foundry co-Director, Professor
(805) 893-2008
Elings Hall 3215


Professor Stephen Wilson recently arrived at UCSB from the Physics faculty at Boston College, and immediately became part of the CNSI community, setting up his office and lab in Elings Hall.  He is a an Assistant Professor in the Materials Department and affiliate faculty at the Materials Research Lab, with a research focus on condensed-matter physical properties of matter such as magnetoelectronic and superconductive phenomena emergence.  In 2015, he was named a Hellman Fellow, and was also awarded a $1 million Keck Foundation grant to be used in the development of new instrumentation for bulk crystal growth. In 2019, he became the Co-Director of the NSF UCSB Quantum Foundry, an inaugural $25 million project funded under the NSF's Q-AMASE-i initiative as a next generation materials foundry that develops materials and interfaces hosting the coherent quantum states needed to power the coming age of quantum-based electronics.