Center for Adaptive Network Dynamics (CANDy)

Program Period: 
7/1/16 - 6/30/18

To develop the teaming, research thrusts, and infrastructure needed to successfully propose a new Center for Adaptive Network Dynamics

UCSB is home to numerous world-class groups with established authority in network sciences, dynamics and controls, and complex systems research. Yet we believe there is substantial untapped potential for intra- and extramural collaborations that could enable breakthrough discoveries in critically important problems in health sciences, environmental protection, social response systems, threat management, and operations research.

Under this Challenge Grant, we will form three complementary research thrusts in Biological Systems, Ecological Systems, and Technological Systems to catalyze new and transformative research directions, to engage new academic and industrial partners to accelerate knowledge transfer, and to enable new educational and outreach initiatives on our campus and with partner institutions. Each thrust focuses on the role of dynamics and feedback operating over multiple length and time scales to control the behavior of complex, interconnected networks. Overarching themes include adaptive signaling, architectures and protocols for cyber-physical coordination and control, self-assembly, and resilience. Our work will provide the foundation of research and educational activities needed to garner large-scale, long-term CANDy support.