Code of Life

Program Period: 
2/1/19 - 1/30/21

The time is ripe for fundamental discovery in advancing our understanding of the rules governing how cells and tissues self-organize because of the convergence of technologies for microscopy, image analysis by deep learning, the synergistic explosion of –omics at the single cell level, the ability to quantify, map, correlate and model structural, genetic, and phenotypic information and the advances in tools to engineer the genome and epigenome of cells.

The overarching goal of this challenge development program grant proposal is to fully develop and win an NSF Science and Technology Center (STC) to unite research and education efforts to understand the “Code of Life". The STC will unite knowledge, resources, and expertise across UCSB, UCSF/Gladstone, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin, Stanford University, and the Allen Institute for Cell Science (AICS) as well as international and industry affiliates.