CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System

5) Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch RT-PCR

The CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System has six independently controlled thermal electric units providing even, precisely controlled temperatures. The optical system, with six filtered LEDs and photodiodes, collects data from each well individually, detecting up to five targets per well. For single-color FAM and SYBR Green assays, the fast scan option reads all 96 wells in just 3 seconds. A channel with an LED filter–photodiode combination is dedicated to FRET experiments. A large touch-screen interface makes run set up simple, and displays run progress in real time. The thermal gradient feature can test eight temperatures at once, to quickly determine the optimal annealing temperature for your assay. User-friendly CFX Maestro data analysis software is available at no additional charge.