CNSI Incubator

The CNSI Small Business Incubator is designed to promote CNSI’s mission of bringing scientific and technological innovation into the economy and society and enable greater ties between the CNSI academic community and industry. The Incubator sits at the heart of the CNSI research community in Elings Hall, in close proximity to the CNSI Core Labs and the Materials Characterization Facilities. Up to 610 square feet of laboratory space, including a chemical fume hood, as well as separate office space, is available for lease by UCSB-affiliated start-ups. The Incubator also houses a cold-room for storage of biological materials.



  • Pre-production start-ups from the Santa Barbara community
  • Active corporate licensees of UCSB intellectual property
  • Companies founded by UCSB faculty, staff, or students

Basic Terms

  • 3-12 month leases available
  • 5ft bench station at $500/month
  • Equipment/storage spaces at $150/month
  • Desk space in associated office at $120/month
  • No university claim to intellectual property created in the incubator