Computer Support

Research Computing Support and High Performance Computing

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Desktop Support

CNSI provides limited desktop support for researchers in Elings Hall, or we can work with your home unit's support staff to help fix problems. This work can be done on a recharge basis.


Email accounts are available to CNSI affiliated groups and researchers. Email addresses are available either as a main email account, or forwarded address.


Elings Hall occupants can either connect back to another department's network, or directly to the CNSI network. If you have an office in Elings Hall, you can get an Internet connection for your laptop or desktop system.   There is also campus wireless, so you can connect via wireless using your UCSBNetID.  For a wired connection, see the information below and then see Paul Weakliem (room 3231).  Also note the numbers on the wall plate you want to hook up to (e.g. 1.2.045/orange), or take a photo of it.

Note, if you hook a computer up to the network (whether a typical desktop/laptop computer, or one controlling an instrument) you are responsible for being familiar, and complying with, the appropriate policies (links are on the right side of this page). 

This includes (among other things):

  • Physically securing the computer (we recommend a cable lock in the lab, plus a password required screensaver, and keeping lab door closed and locked)
  • Informing Paul Weakliem if there is any sensitive data (e.g. Soc. Sec. numbers, personally identifiable data, etc.)
  • Running antivirus software on the system.
  • Backups of the system, and research data.
  • Disable any unnecessary services that may be running.
  • Enabling automatic security updates.


Printing is available in a number of labs and offices, and there are a handful of public printers in the building.   Instructions are below (you can only access from on campus, both the instructions, and the printers).

NEW!  2020 - changes to printing setup which happened during the closure - if you can't print now that you're back (e.g. printers show as offline), follow the directions here.

To set up new printers. click on the directions below (PDF) -