Elings Hall COVID-19 Operations

In March 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all laboratories at UC Santa Barbara were closed, allowing access only to essential workers to maintain critical laboratory functions. We are now in the process of a staged reopening, allowing select researchers to resume some on-campus research activity. The links below provide information and resources for CNSI researchers seeking access to Elings Hall. Please check this page regularly, as policies and protocols are updated frequently.

Elings Hall Access

Elings Hall may be entered with prior approval by the Executive Committee. The building will be open by key-card access for approved workers only from 8:00 AM-midnight (including weekends), except for critical maintenance operations. If there is essential research work that needs to be performed outside of these hours, a Request for Exception form should be submitted for review by the building committee. Prior to entry, please read the appropriate Standard Operating Procedures which contain important information regarding the preconditions for campus work, protocols for entry/exit, sanitation procedures, etc. Each laboratory will maintain a separate SOP and training protocol – please contact each PI or Facility Manager prior to the start of work.

To request access to Elings Hall, please complete and submit the Elings Hall Attestation Form. If you did not have key card access to Elings Hall prior to the shutdown, please also complete the Access Control Application found on the CNSI Access & Security webpage (you must be using the VPN to use it). It will be routed for appropriate PI and / or Lab Manager approvals and returned to the Building Manager to establish or update your access.

Submit Access Schedules

Elings Hall uses FBS, an online scheduling system, to book time in labs and facilities. Accounts have been established for all researchers with Phase 3 access to Elings Hall; new users should coordinate with the lab PI or facility manager to obtain an account. Be sure to review SOP’s for each lab you use for new information regarding scheduling time in FBS. A few key features of the system:

  • FBS allows for sessions as short as 15 minutes. All user entries into the building, with the exception of package pickup and critical maintenance personnel who have been approved by the CNSI Executive Committee, must book time on FBS in advance of entering the building/lab.
  • Lab SOP’s have been revised by PI’s and Facility Managers, as needed, to reflect the new booking procedures. Please check the BOX folder for updates.
  • PI’s and Facility Managers will determine how far in advance researchers must book their time.
  • PI’s and Facility Managers will be reviewing and approving lab entry logs from the card readers which should match the FBS schedules.

Questions should be directed to cnsi-schedule@ucsb.edu.

Retrieving Packages

Visits to the package room to retrieve packages need not be scheduled in advance, however, only a limited number of pre-approved workers will be given access. To request access for parcel pickup, email purchase@cnsi.ucsb.edu.

Questions and Concerns

If you have a concern regarding working conditions, protocols, compliance, or any suggestions for things that could be improved, please let us know by clicking the button below to fill out the feedback form. You may submit your concern anonymously.