Megan Valentine

CNSI Associate Director, Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering
(805) 893-2594
Room 2361C, Engineering II Building


Megan Valentine, an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has a long history of association with CNSI, where her research group employs state-of-the-art nanoscale manipulation and measurement techniques to probe diverse biological materials on length scales from that of single proteins (a few nanometers) to that of entire cells (~ 100 microns or more). This highly interdisciplinary work lies at the intersection of engineering, physics, biology and chemistry. Megan’s commitment to outreach activities and the research community at UCSB is also evident in her successful NSF funding for the CNSI INSET program, which provides research and lab experience to undergrads.  In fall 2015, Prof. Valentine will be a Fulbright Scholar in Paris.  In addition to their excellent research opportunities, “the outstanding record of ESPCI ParisTech in the recruitment and retention of women to S.T.E.M. fields was one of the many attractions in selecting it, and France, for my sabbatical,” Valentine said in an interview with the UCSB Current