Program Development Grants

Program Development grants focus on enabling teams to strategically position themselves to compete for large center-scale funding. 

Affiliated Faculty

Christopher Bates


Nils-Christian Detering

Statistics and Applied Probability

Skirmantas Janusonis

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Beth Pruitt

Mechanical Engineering

Lizzy Wilbanks

Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

February 2019

Develop and NSF Science and Technology Center (STC) to unite research and education efforts in understanding the “Code of Life”.

Expand a highly interdisciplinary team focused on reconstructing the fundamental self-organizing process that builds and supports the ARAS neuronal system in the brain.

July 2018

Develop a center at UCSB to conduct fundamental research into microbial protein evolution.

July 2017

Bridge the academic/industrial divide in the formulated products and soft materials space through the creation of a center that supports academic-industrial interaction

November 2016

Leverage recent DOE investments in synthetic biology and materials science to develop a Center focused on unique high performance polymers derived from microbially-produced monomers.

Develop the research thrusts and assemble the team for the creation of a Center focused on transforming polymers, agricultural and food waste to valuable chemicals, specialty fuels, and materials.

April 2016

To develop the teaming, research thrusts, and infrastructure needed to successfully propose a new Center for Adaptive Network Dynamics.

Assemble an interdisciplinary team to develop a MEMS-based blood glucose monitoring patch that can offer painless, easy-to-use, real-time sampling for diabetics.

Secure funding for a large-scale “Quantum Interfaces” program, with its hub at CNSI.

Develop new proposals and whitepapers targeted to MURI and other Center-level programs within the theme of reconfigurable photonic and electronic materials.

November 2015

To grow the scope of the California Institute for Quantum Emulation (CAIQuE) and to support its transition to a large-scale funded research collaboration.

Assemble an expert team to successfully compete for an upcoming ONR MURI call for research on understanding the intricacies of ship movement through water

March 2015

Evolve ‘smart’ polymers using a novel class of materials that are responsive to light or temperature as a first-step towards an NSF ERC or DARPA grant.

Cultivate a new class of antibiotic that can penetrate the cell walls of Gram-negative bacteria, leading to the establishment of an NIH center or industrial collaboration.

Pool expertise across SoCal to develop novel battery technology, positioning UCSB as a new research hub.

November 2014

Pursue an NSF Engineering Research Center focused on the fabrication and simulation of an artificial neural network using novel devices (memristors)

March 2014

Establish a new scientific field and center based on fungi/microbe pairings that increase the efficiency of both the processing of biomass and production of biogas.

Develop 3D ‘mini-brains’ to reveal brain circuitry and to manipulate that circuitry genetically using a multidisciplinary team that would attract relevant NIH or DARPA grants.