Autoclave Core

The BNL Autoclave Core provides glassware and plasticware sterilization, and biohazardous waste decontamination and disposal service to research labs across campus.


The BNL Autoclave Core has Two Autoclaves

  1. Tomy - Liquid media and clean labware sterilization

  2. Tuttnuaer - Biohazardous waste decontamination


To use the BNL Waste Autoclave, it's easy! Just fill out the request form here and schedule a pick up. The recharge fee will be billed to the account you provide.

The Per-Bag charge refers to large-sized biohazard bags and sharps containers that fit into a standard autoclave bin. If your container or bag is too large or too full to fit in an autoclave bin, you will charged for two bags. 

If you have several small containers or small bags for autoclaving, we can group them into one bin and will charge you for one "bag". Please be sure to indicate this on your request form.


To see the size of our autoclave bin, click the image in the Image Gallery. 


NEVER leave biohazardous waste unattended in an undesignated area, such as a hallway or outside.


The Tomy ES-315 is a 50L sterilizer that is used to autoclave glass and plasticware and media for cell/bacterial culture.

The Tuttnauer autoclave is a 690 L sterilizer, primary used for decontamination of biohazardous waste (BSL 1 and 2) as well as bacteriophage and prions.