Biological Nanostructures Lab

The CNSI Biological Nanostructures Lab (BNL) is a core research facility located in Elings Hall at UCSB. Instruments and capabilities in the BNL is organized into the four cores listed below.

The BNL is open to all users in all departments on campus as well as off-campus users.



Provide access to complex, high value instrumentation to support and enhance interdisciplinary research at the interface of life science and engineering, and scientific expertise in the theory, operation, and analysis of data generated from such instruments.


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    Core Labs

    Provides Next Generation Sequencing capabilities to on-campus and off-campus researchers with the popular Illumina sequencing platform. Also provides DNA/RNA and protein quantitation, nucleic acid QC, and droplet digital PCR.

    This core houses a variety of analytical instruments for use by trained users. Some basic molecular biology equipment are also available for use.

    Resource for researchers who need access to cell culture facility or whose labs does not want to go through the hassle of getting certified to perform tissue culture work.

    Biohazardous waste decontamination and disposal service to research labs.