Wet Processing

Solvent Bench #1:

  • Designated for lift-off and general use
  • Small bench-top ultrasonic bath
  • Nitrogen guns
  • Approved Chemicals: Acetone, isopropanol, toluene, NMP, and dimethyl sulfoxide
  • ​Located in photolithography bay (yellow light)

Solvent Bench #2:

  • Designated for resist stripping and general use
  • Heated recirculating NMP bath with ultrasonic, can accommodate wafers up to 6"
  • Hotplate stirrer
  • Nitrogen guns
  • Approved Chemicals: Acetone, isopropanol, toluene, NMP, and dimethyl sulfoxide
  • ​​Located in photolithography bay (yellow light)

Developer Bench:

  • Designated for photoresist developing and rinsing of solvent soaked (isopropanol only) substrates.
  • Single sink with goose neck faucet
  • Nitrogen and DI water guns
  • Approved Chemicals: AZ 400K developer, AZ 726 MIF developer and AZ developer
  • ​Located in photolithography bay (yellow light)

Acid/Base Bench #1:

  • Designated for perchloric acid cleaning process only
  • Restricted use

Acid/Base Bench #2:

  • Designated for general use; etching, cleaning, etc.
  • Double sinks with goose neck faucets
  • Nitrogen and DI water guns
  • Hotplate
  • Approved Chemicals: Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, Nano-Strip, chromium etchant 1020, aluminum etchant Type A, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydroxide

Acid/HF Bench #3:

  • Designated for RCA cleaning process, organics removal, and hydrofluoric acid use.
  • Single sink with goose neck faucet
  • Nitrogen and DI water guns
  • 2 heated baths for Nano-Strip and H2O:HCl:H2O(5:1:1)
  • 2 ambient baths for clean and dirty HF
  • Cascading DI rinse bath with nitrogen bubbler
  • All baths can handle wafers up to 8"
  • Programmable spin dryer with multi size chuck that can handle 4, 6 & 8" wafers (non vacuum chuck type)