Nanostructures Cleanroom Facility

Tool sets and processes complement research in the chemical and biological nanostructures labs enabling unique capabilities in the pursuit of controlling and manipulating materials at the nanoscale.

Core Labs

A multipurpose bulk crystal growth facility supporting both oxide and intermetallic crystal growth in a variety of growth environments.

Focused on Confocal Raman and PL Imaging, the facility houses a custom Horiba Jobin Yvon T64000 confocal microscope, equipped with a triple monochromator for high resolution, low cm-1 work, LN2-cooled CCD and PMT/APD detectors, and a stepper-driven µm/mm stage. 

The system accommodates multiple excitation wavelengths, including 405 nm (InGaN laser diode), 457-527 nm (Ar+), 532 nm (YAG), and 647 nm (Kr+). Time correlated photon counting with fs-laser excitation (150 fs @ ~800 nm or 400 nm) are coming soon.

Measurement and analysis equipment for materials and devices. Equipment includes thin-film analysis and profilometry

A suite of tools for depositing metals and dielectrics. Systems include CVD for diamond, ECR deposition of dielectrics and ITO, and e-beam deposition of metals on organic films.

A Class 100 yellow room for contact lithography and direct writing of photomasks and microfluidic molds.

The NCF offers a number of additional capabilities in materials synthesis and device fabrication.