Elings Prize Fellowships FAQs


How many Fellowships are awarded each year?

We anticipate awarding up to 3 fellowships each year.

Can I use the Elings Fellowship if I will be conducting research/in residence at another institution?

All Elings Fellowship research must be conducted while in residence at UCSB under the direction of a CNSI faculty member.

Application Logistics

I submitted my application materials via email. Do I also need to apply on the website?

Only applications submitted through the website will be considered in the review process. Applications submitted via email will not be reviewed.

Is the posted deadline just the cutoff for applications, or must all letters of recommendation also be received by that date?

All application materials, including letters of recommendation, diversity statement and research plans, must be uploaded by the application deadline. Please note that official requests for letters from recommenders are generated as soon as applicants enter and save the recommender’s name and email in Step Three: References in the online application. Given this process, please be sure to allow sufficient turnaround time for your recommenders to submit by the deadline.

How do I know if all my recommenders have submitted letters?

Applicants can check the status of their references’ submissions in the same section of their online application (Step Three: References).

Can one of my potential advisors at UCSB submit a letter of recommendations?

Yes. Applicants must list their proposed UCSB advisor(s) as one of their recommenders. This action demonstrates that the applicant and UCSB advisor(s) have initiated the planning of the proposed research collaboration.

Does the one page limit on the research summary include text, references, and figures, or can references and figures be on a separate page?

The proposal should be a concise description of the collaborative research project. Supplementary information, such as figures and/or references may be included on a second page, but the entire document should not exceed two pages.

The website says, "Collaborative research projects are highly encouraged". Does this mean collaborations among UCSB groups, or can the collaborations be done between other universities?

Because of its interdisciplinary mission, CNSI encourages its researchers to collaborate with people in other scientific areas. While intramural collaborations are preferred, arrangements with other institutions may be considered. Regardless of affiliation/collaboration, Elings Fellows are expected to conduct their research at UCSB.

Should the one-page summary be developed on a proposed research project or on my current research interest?

The research summary should describe the proposed project to be conducted in collaboration with a CNSI faculty advisor(s).

How can I learn more about opportunities to contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at UCSB?

A number of resource lists are available through the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the Graduate Division Office of Diversity, and the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity. UCSB is a member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. A number of campus program specialize in outreach programs to engage PEERs (persons excluded because of their ethnicity or race), including the Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships and Graduate Students for Diversity in Science.


I am already a Postdoc at UCSB. Am I eligible for the Elings Fellowship? I am about to receive my PhD from UCSB. Can I apply for the Elings Fellowship?

No. Current UCSB graduate students and postdocs, or researchers already committed to come to UCSB, are not eligible to participate in this competition. The Elings Prize is designed to enrich the UCSB research committee with new perspectives and talent.

I am currently a postdoc at another institution. Am I eligible for an Elings Fellowship as a 2nd postdoc?

Yes. Current postdocs may apply for the Elings Fellowship as a 2nd postdoctoral position.

Are international applicants or non-U.S. citizens eligible for the Elings Prize?

The Elings Fellowship competition is open to both US citizens and international applicants. However, prior to commencing their fellowships, successful applicants must be legally eligible to work in the United States.


I don’t have my PhD right now, but I will be completing it shortly after the application deadline. Can I still apply this year? By what date would I need to have received my PhD to be eligible?

Fellows must have officially received their Ph.D. before they begin their Elings fellowship at UCSB.

Is there a set date when the fellowship begins? What is the earliest or latest date I could begin?

Elings Fellows are expected to begin their fellowship/residency within two to six months after award acceptance. Under exceptional circumstances, the selection committee may allow some flexibility in the timeline.