Building Services

The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) is responsible for the management of the activities within Elings Hall. To ensure compliance with building safety protocols, CNSI arranges for and manages liquid and gaseous nitrogen, dry solvents, and compressed gas are made available on a recharge basis to researchers conducting their work in Elings Hall.

Building Services Recharge Rates:
Liquid Nitrogen, $1.35/liter
Gaseous Nitrogen, $1.37/ccf
Solvent Purification - THF, $30.09/liter
Solvent Purification - DCM, $28.19/liter
Solvent Purification - Tolulene, $20.35/liter
Solvent Purification - CAN, $40.79/liter
Solvent Purification - DMF, $24.16/liter

Compressed Gas Rates

CNSI Building Manager
The CNSI Building Manager is responsible for the management of the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) building. Managing the concurrent engineering, science and media arts-based research needs for infrastructure, facility resources and security is essential to the mission of CNSI.