Poster Printer

CNSI affiliated groups and researchers have access to a Hewlett Packard 42" large format poster printer to create posters for conferences, meetings and other research projects.


The poster printer is located in room 3204 Elings Hall and is open 8-5 Monday through Friday and 24 hour access is allowed for CNSI researchers. If you require access to the printer room outside of normal business hours, please submit an amended Elings Hall Access Form.

Print Set Up

  • The printer can print to 42" wide, but generally there is 36" paper in use, thus most people chose a 4'x3' or 5'x3' poster.
  • Create the poster in a suitable program (Illustrator, PowerPoint) at the correct size, e.g. 36"x48" - scaling it is what usually causes problems. You can also bring it over as a PDF file.
  • Leave about a 1/8" margin around the edge as the printer doesn't print all the way to the edge of the paper.
  • If you insert images, try to make them as high resolution as possible. For example, a jpeg off the web that is then blown up on a 4' poster will look very grainy.
  • Put your poster on a CD or flash drive; we have computers here hooked up to the printer.