Center for Materials for Water and Energy Systems Advances Water Conservation and Recycling With Funding From DOE

Advancing Understanding for Improved Water Conservation and Recycling

August 26, 2022
MWET Team Photo

Congratulations to the Center for Materials for Water and Energy Systems (M-WET) on the renewal of funding through the U.S. Department of Energy. Established as 1 of 41 Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRC) across the United States, these centers are tasked with the scientific challenge of transforming the way energy is collected, stored, and used.

M-WET’s mission is “to discover and understand fundamental science to design new membrane materials, develop tools and knowledge to predict new materials’ interactions with targeted solutes from recalcitrant water sources, provide fit for purpose water, and recover valuable solutes with less energy.”

M-WET is a collaboration between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Santa Barbara and University of Texas at Austin. The Center for Materials for Water and Energy Systems was originally initiated and funded through California NanoSystems Institute at UCSB’s Challenge Grant program. Challenge grants provide funding to support the initiation of new large-scale and high-impact collaborations by UCSB faculty. The California NanoSystems Institute at UCSB supports a number of research centers and focus areas, and more information about the depth of research can be found at