CNSI Resources

CNSI is a world-class hub for research ranging from bioengineering to physics to materials science and chemistry. Our mission is to create a collaborative, closely integrated, and strongly interactive environment to advance nanosystems research and education and bring scientific and technological innovation into the economy and society.

Shared labs and facilities for Biological NanoStructures, Microfluidics, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, X-Ray Diffraction; and the Allosphere, which provides a unique tool to visualize, hear and explore complex data for scientific research.

To help transition technological innovation from academia to industry, CNSI has launched its Technology Incubator: on-campus laboratory space available to UCSB-connected startups.

CNSI provides financial support for the research community.  The Challenge Grant program aims to jump-start multi-PI initiatives focused on high-risk, innovative science.  Elings Fellowships bring top-notch postdoctoral researchers to UCSB.