UCSB I+E Ecosystem

A key mission of CNSI is to bring scientific and technological innovation into the economy, benefiting society while fostering greater engagement between the CNSI academic community and industry. CNSI plays a critical role in the broader UCSB Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem, by offering physical and programmatic resources to support innovation by diverse stakeholders, ranging from students, postdocs, and faculty exploring the translation and commercialization of technology developed at UCSB, to newly-founded technology startups operating in the California Central Coast. CNSI initiatives aim not only to support the development of advanced technologies, but also to train the workforce and leaders of the future who will build and shape the industries that result from these innovations.

Programs aimed at supporting startups

On-campus laboratory space available to UCSB-connected startups.
Makerspace supporting UCSB researchers and local companies in prototyping and testing their inventions.
Supporting Central Coast startups.

Programs aimed at exploring commercialization from on-campus

Training in evaluating commercialization potential.
Funding support to demonstrate commercial value and develop UCSB technologies towards market.
Exploring the practical characteristics innovations require for successful deployment and adoption.
Supporting entrepreneurial efforts by UCSB Capstone teams.