Building Services

To ensure compliance with building safety protocols, CNSI arranges for, and manages, liquid and gaseous nitrogen, dry solvents, and compressed gasses, which are made available on a recharge basis to researchers conducting their work in Elings Hall.

Compressed Gas Ordering

Compressed gas ordering, receiving and returning procedures are designed to be user friendly, however, they also consider the need to accurately administer this resource. As such, utilization of the gas bunker is controlled by the building manager; all questions and feedback should be directed to that office.

Compressed Gas Policy

Users must read and understand the CNSI Compressed Gas Policy document (see inset) prior to placing an order.


Compressed gas ordering can only be accomplished on line. All form fields must be completed for an order to be accepted. You should receive confirmation that your order was placed with the vendor within two working days. An additional 2-3 working days are required for the order to arrive at CNSI. Specialty gases, mixed gases and certified gases can take considerably longer. Users must adequately plan their needs in advance since no extra bottles are kept on hand.

Gas Codes

AirGas gas codes identify the type, grade and cylinder size of all gases ordered. Frequently Ordered Gases are outlined on the order form - check the yes box for the gas you want, indicate the number of bottles, and the room number where the bottles will be used (if multiple bottles are being ordered for use in multiple rooms, then list the additional rooms and details in the notes section of the form). For gas codes not on this list contact the Gas Coordinator.

Cylinder Size

Standard cylinders are mostly size "300". These are approximately 5' high and have a liquid volume of about 49 liters, depending on the gas. Size "200" are slightly smaller with liquid volume of about 44 liters. Other sizes may be available for some gases, but are not necessarily stocked by the vendor. If you must have a specific size, state "size ONLY" when ordering. This request may delay your order.

Bunker Access

Users may retrieve the gas bunker key from the gas coordinator in room 3233. Please sign the key out on the log provided.


Building Manager

 Compressed Gas

Order compressed gasses for Elings Hall facilities.

Recharge Rates

Gasses and Solvent Purification
  • Liquid Nitrogen, $1.35/liter
  • Gaseous Nitrogen, $1.37/ccf
  • Solvent Purification - THF, $30.09/liter
  • Solvent Purification - DCM, $28.19/liter
  • Solvent Purification - Tolulene, $20.35/liter
  • Solvent Purification - ACN, $40.79/liter
  • Solvent Purification - DMF, $24.16/liter