Focus Areas

Materials for energy management, healthcare, and actuation.
Biomolecular discovery, systems biology, diagnostic devices and therapeutics.
From forests to microbes to robotics: how do complex systems work?
Developing next-generation characterization systems to advance discovery across fields.
Next-generation platforms for information storage, transmission, and computation.
New technologies for efficient energy, clean water, and environmental protection.

 Research Centers

Accelerated discovery, scalable production, and rapid development of high-performance bio-derived materials.
UC-wide multidisciplinary effort developing new approaches to complex quantum phenomena.
Catalyzing the design of novel surfaces, interactions, and structures for energy applications.
Promoting the effective use of High Performance Computing in research.
Facilitating the acceleration of progress in quantum science and engineering research, education and programs.
A foundry for materials with protected quantum coherence and scalable entanglement.