CNSI is a hub for interdisciplinary research ranging from advanced materials to complex systems. This allows for the discovery of new technologies for information, healthcare, and sustainability. Our mission is to create a collaborative, closely integrated, and strongly interactive environment to advance a broad portfolio of nanosystems research while educating next generation leaders who will bring scientific and technological innovation into the economy and society.

A key aspect of this mission is to provide researchers cutting-edge tools and equipment necessary for them to conduct advanced research. CNSI operates a number of world-class shared-use experimental facilities, overseen by experienced and dedicated laboratory managers who provide expertise, user training, and decades of research experience.

In addition to the core CNSI laboratories, Elings Hall also houses shared-use experimental facilities managed by the Materials Department and the Materials Research Laboratory, and serves as the physical home of the NSF-funded Quantum Foundry and BioPACIFIC MIP. As such, Elings Hall and CNSI form the heart of the research infrastructure that fuels discovery and innovation at UC Santa Barbara and the California Central Coast.

CNSI Laboratories

Instrumentation to support interdisciplinary research at the interface of life science and engineering.
Automated high-throughput synthesis and characterization of bio-derived polymers.
Supports UCSB researchers and local companies in prototyping and testing their inventions.
Campus-wide resource for custom-made microfluidic devices and other scientific instruments.
State-of-the-art equipment for materials characterization including SEM, TEM, FIB, SIMS, XPS, and AFM.
Tool sets and processes for synthesis, control, manipulation, and characterization of quantum materials and devices.
Confocal Raman and PL Imaging.
State-of-the-art magnetic resonance instruments in solution NMR, solid-state NMR, MRI, Rheo-NMR, PFG-Diffusion, DNP-NMR, and EPR.
X-ray diffraction tools for characterizing structural properties of a wide range of hard, soft, and biological materials