Name Department Areas or Research
Divyakant Agrawal Computer Science
S. James Allen Physics
Kevin Almeroth Computer Science
Carolina Arias Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Paul Atzberger Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering
Leon Balents Physics
Kaustav Banerjee Electrical & Computer Engineering
Christopher Bates Materials
Guillermo Bazan Chemistry & Biochemistry, Materials
Glenn Beltz Mechanical Engineering
Irene Beyerlein Materials, Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Blumenthal Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dirk Bouwmeester Physics
John Bowers Electrical & Computer Engineering, Materials
Forrest Brewer Electrical & Computer Engineering
Frank Brown Chemistry & Biochemistry
Steven Buratto Chemistry & Biochemistry
Alison Butler Chemistry & Biochemistry
Otger Campas Mechanical Engineering
Michael Chabinyc Materials
Irene Chen Chemistry & Biochemistry
Bradley Chmelka Chemical Engineering
Phillip Christopher Chemical Engineering
Dennis Clegg Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Andrew Cleland Physics
Raphaële Clément Materials
Larry Coldren Electrical & Computer Engineering
Samantha Daly Mechanical Engineering
Mattanjah de Vries Chemistry & Biochemistry
Steven DenBaars Materials
Nils-Christian Detering Statistics and Applied Probability
Siddharth Dey Chemical Engineering
Adele Doyle Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience Research Institute
Erika Eliason Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Glenn Fredrickson Chemical Engineering, Materials
Deborah Fygenson Physics
Frederic Gibou Computer Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Gordon Chemical Engineering
Arthur Gossard Materials
Elisabeth Gwinn Physics
Song-I Han Chemical Engineering, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Paul Hansma Physics
Craig Hawker Chemistry & Biochemistry, Materials Research Lab
Elliot Hawkes Mechanical Engineering
Chris Hayes Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Trevor Hayton Chemistry & Biochemistry
Alan Heeger Materials, Physics
Mary Hegarty Psychological & Brain Sciences
Jacob Israelachvili Chemical Engineering
Emily Jacobs Psychological & Brain Sciences
Luc Jaeger Chemistry & Biochemistry
Skirmantas Janusonis Psychological & Brain Sciences
Ania Bleszynski Jayich Physics
Tod Kippin Psychological & Brain Sciences
Jonathan Klamkin Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ken Kosik Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Herbert Kroemer Electrical & Computer Engineering, Materials
JoAnn Kuchera-Morin Media Arts & Technology
Gary Leal Chemical Engineering
Bolin Liao Mechanical Engineering
Everett Lipman Physics
David Low Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz Mechanical Engineering
Noel MacDonald Materials, Mechanical Engineering
Jamey Marth Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
John Martinis Physics
Susan Mazer Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Ben Mazin Physics
Eric McFarland Chemical Engineering
Robert McMeeking Chemical Engineering
Carl Meinhart Mechanical Engineering
Gabriel Ménard Chemistry & Biochemistry
Horia Metiu Chemistry & Biochemistry
Igor Mezic Mechanical Engineering
Umesh Mishra Electrical & Computer Engineering
Galan Moody Electrical & Computer Engineering
Daniel Morse Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Arnab Mukherjee Chemical Engineering
Kunal Mukherjee Materials
Shuji Nakamura Materials
Chetan Nayak Physics, Station Q
Thuc-Quyen Nguyen Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nick Nidzieko Earth Sciences, Geography
Michelle OMalley Chemical Engineering
Christopher Palmstrom Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sumita Pennathur Mechanical Engineering
Pierre Petroff Materials
Linda Petzold Mechanical Engineering
Angela Pitenis Materials
Kevin Plaxco Chemistry & Biochemistry
Beth Pruitt Mechanical Engineering
Javier Read de Alaniz Chemistry & Biochemistry
Norbert Reich Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jon Schuller Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rachel Segalman Chemical Engineering, Materials
Lior Sepunaru Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ram Seshadri Chemistry & Biochemistry, Materials, Materials Research Lab
Joan-Emma Shea Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physics
Mark Sherwin Physics
James Speck Materials
Todd Squires Chemical Engineering
Susanne Stemmer Materials
Dmitri Strukov Electrical & Computer Engineering
Galen Stucky Chemistry & Biochemistry
Karen Szumlinsky Psychological & Brain Sciences
Luke Theogarajan Electrical & Computer Engineering
James Thomson Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, Stem Cell Biology & Engineering
Matthew Turk Computer Science, Media Arts & Technology
Kimberly Turner Mechanical Engineering
David Valentine Earth Sciences
Megan Valentine Mechanical Engineering
Chris Van de Walle Materials
Anton Van der Ven Materials
Yon Visell Electrical & Computer Engineering, Media Arts & Technology
Vojtech Vlcek Chemistry & Biochemistry
David Weld Physics
Lizzy Wilbanks Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
Stephen Wilson Materials
Max Wilson Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Rich Wolski Computer Science
Fred Wudl Chemistry & Biochemistry
Yuan Xie Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert York Electrical & Computer Engineering
Andrea Young Physics
Yangying Zhu Mechanical Engineering
Name Title Contact Job Role
M. Ofelia Aguirre Paden Director, CSEP (805) 893-7472
1207 Elings Hall
Samantha Davis Undergraduate Research Programs Coordinator 805-893-8570
1205 Elings Hall
Wendy Ibsen Associate Director, CSEP (805) 893-8527
1205 Elings Hall
Lubi Lenaburg Evaluation Program Manager (805) 893-8544
1237 Elings Hall
Arica Lubin Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator (805) 893-3360
1203 Elings Hall
Carli Ruskauff CSEP Events and Administrative Coordinator 805-893-6089
1207 Elings Hall
Ellie Sciaky Evaluation Program Coordinator (805) 893-8544
1237 Elings Hall
Name Title Contact Job Role
Sonya Alvarado Academic Personnel Coordinator (805) 893-2696
3448 Elings Hall
Eva Deloa Financial Manager (805) 893-8159
3243 Elings Hall
Christopher Gloo Purchasing Coordinator 805-893-8012
3448 Elings Hall
Bob Hanson Building Manager (805) 893-4631
3233 Elings Hall
Sophia King Financial Analyst 805-893-6145
3448 Elings Hall
Debbie Kleinpeter BioPACIFIC MIP Administrative Coordinator (805) 893-7510
3235 Elings Hall
(Debbie Kleinpeter) Events and Visitor Coordinator/Administrative Analyst (805) 893-7510
3235 Elings Hall
Kelsey Leonard Moore Quantum Foundry Administrative Coordinator
3248 Elings Hall
Tal Margalith Executive Director of Technology (805) 893-6045
3235 Elings Hall
Teddy Thomas Financial Analyst (805) 893-6095
3241 Elings Hall
Holly Woo CNSI Assistant Director (805) 893-4130
3245 Elings Hall
(Holly Woo) Contract and Grants Analyst (805) 893-7511
3237 Elings Hall
Name Title Contact Job Role
David Bothman Microfluidics Lab Manager, CNSI Innovation Workshop Manager (805) 893-4125
3227 Elings Hall
Rachel Schoeppner CNSI NCF Lab Manager (805) 893-2296
Jennifer Smith Manager, Biological Nanostructures Laboratory (805) 893-6082
3217 Elings Hall
Paul Weakliem CNSI Computing Support (805) 893-4205
3231 Elings Hall