Central Coast Partnership for Regional Industry-focused Micro/Nanotechnology Education (CC-PRIME)

The Central Coast Partnership for Regional Industry-focused Micro/Nanotechnology Education (CC-PRIME) is funded by the National Science Foundation ATE program (DUE 2100405). CC-PRIME partners with local technology companies of all sizes and regional community colleges to train community college students in nanofabrication skills, create a much-needed talent pool for local industry, and positively impact job placements. The program will produce job-ready cleanroom-manufacturing technicians and start the process of building a regional educational pipeline to cultivate this micro/nanotechnology (MNT) workforce.

Students enrolled in the program complete a 1.5-year curriculum at Santa Barbara City College which culminates in a “capstone semester” consisting of one or two 2- to 4-unit courses held in the CNSI Quantum Structures Facility. The addition of an industry-vetted certificate that focuses on locally employable cleanroom-manufacturing skills, achievable regardless of whether students pursue an associate degree or choose to transfer to a 4-year school, further promotes the students’ marketability.

The Goals of CC-PRIME are:

  1. Build industry visibility and relations within the community of faculty and students.
  2. Provide Santa Barbara City College faculty and students with trainings and experiences in manufacturing at a university cleanroom facility.
  3. Create a student-focused educational pathway to acquire semiconductor manufacturing jobs, incorporating industry inputs.

CC-PRIME Partners

UCSB Nanofab: NSF-Funded as an NNIN site until 2015 (NSF 0335765), this semiconductor research cleanroom facility provides services to a user base that is about 40% industrial and 60% academic/government. Due it’s large base of manufacturing companies, from startups to large international corporations, the Nanofab is the basis of the industry-relations critical to CC-PRIME objectives.

PaCE: UCSB Extension, now known as Professional and Continuing Education, is committed to providing essential skills and expertise to compete in today's job market. PaCE offers professional courses and certificate programs to UCSB students getting them ready for the competitive job market after graduation.

SCME: The Support Center for Microsystems Education (SCME) at the University of New Mexico.

NACK: The Nanotechnology Applications and Career Knowledge (NACK) Network is the NSF National ATE Center for Nanotechnology Workforce Development.


Lab Manager
Quantum Structures Facility and Confocal Microscope and Spectroscopy Facility

 For Industry

CNSI has partnered with UCSB's Professional and Continuing Education program (PaCE) to provide technician level and operator level cleanroom training to new hires. For more information, click below.