UCSB transitioned to Concur for expense reimbursement processing on February 1, 2022. All requests for travel and business meeting reimbursements must be submitted via Concur by a UCSB Employee.

Please Review Prior to Submitting a Request in Concur:

Enter your UCSB e-mail address and click “Next” on the landing page. You will be re-directed to “Sign in with UC Santa Barbara SSO”.

Non-UCSB Employees: If you are not an employee in the UCPath System, your reimbursement will need to be processed by your host as a “Guest” in the Concur system.

 Process Workflow

  1. Adds CNSI Preparer Delegates:

    Note: If minor corrections are required, a Preparer Delegate may make them for the Requestor. If a Preparer Delegate makes corrections, the system may require the Requestor to resubmit (re-approve) the request submission.

    • Alana Beal ( - General CNSI
    • Kelsey Leonard Moore ( - Quantum Foundry
    • Debbie Kleinpeter ( - BioPACIFIC MIP 
    • Christopher Gloo ( - Exceptional Purchase Reimbursements
  2. Inputs reimbursement request

  3. Adds Advisor/Supervisor as an Ad Hoc Approver (Expense)

  4. Submits request

Note:  If a Preparer Delegate was not added prior to your submission, you may need to recall a request or recall a report to make required edits and resubmit the transaction.

Advisor / Supervisor
Reviews and approves request
CNSI Department Expense Approver

Receives and reviews the reimbursement request.

Note: Reimbursement is forwarded to Business and Financial Services (BFS) for payment processing.  For split-funded reimbursements, request is forwarded to administering department(s) for additional funding sources prior to BFS.


Prior Approval / Travel Advance

Prior approval is recommended for each trip.

You may request a travel advance for expenses incurred prior to a trip. You must submit original receipts with a completed, signed Travel Prior Approval Form and specifically request a travel advance.

A cash advance may also be requested within 10-30 days prior to a trip. Please allow for processing time.

Common Coding Info (Sub Accounts and Cost Types)

Sub 3: Business Meeting Reimbursements
Cost Type: 7250 (Business Meeting Expense)
Cost Type: 7750 (alcohol) – unrestricted funds only

Sub 3: Purchase Reimbursements
Reminder: All purchases should be made via Gateway to the greatest extent possible. Membership reimbursements require an additional form.
Contact CNSI Purchasing Coordinator for cost type details.

Sub 5: Domestic Travel Reimbursements
Cost Type: 2000 (In-State Travel)
Cost Type: 2900 (Domestic Travel, Out of State)
Cost Type: 2100 (Registration Fees)

Sub 7: Foreign Travel Reimbursements
Cost Type: 2902 (Foreign Travel)

Maximum Daily Reimbursement Rates

For travel within the Continental United States, the daily maximum reimbursement rates are:

  • $275.00 for lodging
  • $62.00 for meals and incidentals

Allowable exceptions to the maximum lodging reimbursement maximums may be submitted via the Lodging Limit Justification Form.

Required Receipts

Receipts for all expenses for which you seek reimbursement are required including, but not limited to:

• Airline Passenger Receipts**
• Rental car receipts, rail ticket stubs, bus tickets
• Local transportation receipts
• Receipts for miscellaneous expenses (supplies)
• Hotel receipts (must be itemized to show nightly rates, applicable taxes, etc.)
• Conference Registration Receipts

**U.S. Flag Carriers must be used for travel on federal funds.

Additional details may be found on the Common Types of Supporting Documentation.

Submitting a Request for a Guest

Reimbursements for non-UCSB Employees (not in UCPath) must be processed by a host as a “Guest” in the Concur system.

To begin the process, submit a ticket via Service Now:

  • Select "Concur"
  • Select "Request a New Guest Traveler"