Megan Valentine

Co-Director, CNSI

Mechanics of cells and tissues; design of bio-inspired materials with applications to packaging, healthcare and robotics; instrument development.

Craig Hawker

Distinguished Professor
Co-Director, CNSI

3005 MRL
Developing advanced polymerization methods for new applications by combining traditional organic and polymer chemistry.

Javier Read de Alaniz

Associate Director, CNSI

1631-D PSBN
The goal of our research is to develop robust and efficient synthetic approaches for applications in functional materials.

Stephen Wilson

Associate Director, CNSI

3215 Elings Hall
Synthesis and advanced characterization of new quantum materials.

Tal Margalith

Executive Director of Scientific Initiatives and Innovation

3235 Elings Hall
Oversight of CNSI's innovation initiatives and resources - shared facilities, technology translation and startup incubation, Challenge Grants, and industry partnerships.

Sherylle Mills Englander

Executive Director for Strategic Initiatives and Operations

3450 Elings Hall
Ideation, management, and execution of CNSI’s strategic initiatives and center level projects, with an emphasis on I&E.