Paul Atzberger


South Hall
Research in scientific computation, machine learning, statistical mechanics, soft materials, biophysics.

Chris Bates

Assistant Professor

1518 Engineering II
We are interested in the design, synthesis, characterization, and application of new soft materials.

Irene Beyerlein


2339 Engineering II
Multiscale modeling of mechanisms and microstructure/property relations in high performance alloys, hcp metals, and nanostructured materials.

John Bowers

Distinguished Professor

2221C ESB
Quantum dot lasers, silicon photonics, optoelectronics, and the development of novel low power optoelectronic devices for the next generation of optical networks.
Our group studies organic and organic-inorganic hybrid semiconducting materials for flexible electronics.
Analysis and design of catalytic processes that promote sustainable chemical production and conversion.

Raphaele Clement

Assistant Professor

3009 MRL
Our research endeavors to elucidate the structure-property relationships in electrochemical materials used, for instance, in rechargeable batteries.
Research at the intersection of experimental mechanics, materials science, and machine learning.

Steven DenBaars


Engineering II 3514
Research interests include growth of wide-bandgap (GaN based) semiconductors and their application to blue LEDs as well as laser and high power electronic devices. This research has led to the first U.S. University demonstration of a blue GaN laser diode.

Siddharth Dey

Assistant Professor

3008 BioE
We develop novel single-cell sequencing technologies to understand mammalian tissue development in space and time.

Erika Eliason

Assistant Professor

2306 MSRB
The Eliason Lab examines how climate change constrains the performance and persistence of marine animals.

Glenn Fredrickson

Distinguished Professor

3105 MRL
The Fredrickson group has pioneered the development of field-theoretic simulations and pursued applications of the technique to understand complex classical polymer and quantum many-boson systems.

Frederic Gibou


EII, 2335
Advanced computational science and engineering

Mengyang Gu

Assistant Professor

5511 South Hall
Developing statistical learning algorithms to emulate expensive physical simulations, quantify uncertainty in imaging and microscopic videos, optimize inverse material design and characterization.

Paul Hansma


2411 Broida
Our novel Biofeedback devices are beginning to help people recover from chronic pain due to neuroplasticity.

Craig Hawker

Distinguished Professor
Co-Director, CNSI

3005 MRL
Developing advanced polymerization methods for new applications by combining traditional organic and polymer chemistry.

Elliot Hawkes

Assistant Professor

EII 2332
We work at the intersection of design, mechanics, and materials. We develop innovative design concepts and apply non-traditional materials to solve challenging problems in robotics, medicine, and biomechanics.
Bottom-up Assembly of Nanomaterials.

Skirmantas Janusonis

Associate Professor

2827 Psychology East
Cellular and computational neuroscience; Stochastic axon systems.
Integrated photonics; silicon photonics; optical communications; nanophotonics; microwave photonics; compound semiconductors; photonic integration techniques; and electronic-photonic integration.

Kenneth Kosik

Harriman Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience

The Kosik lab intends to create an intellectual setting conducive to the exploration of fundamental biological processes, particularly those related to the brain and its evolution.

Sriram Krishnamoorthy

Assistant Professor

We explore and engineer next-generation (ultra)wide band gap semiconductors such as Gallium Oxide. Our efforts span epitaxial growth, electronic transport, design/modeling, micro/nano fabrication, and characterization of electronic/optoelectronic devices for applications such as power electronics, high frequency electronics and ultra-violet optoelectronics.

JoAnn Kuchera-Morin

Distinguished Professor
Director - AlloSphere Research Facility

2209 Elings Hall
We create software systems to turn slow exploration of complex datasets into real-time interactive workflows.

Bolin Liao

Assistant Professor

3231E ESB
We develop ultrafast electron microscopy to image nanoscale energy transport. This knowledge can lead to better renewable energy systems.

Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz

Assistant Professor

We strive to formulate models for otherwise intractable problems, at the intersection of fluids and other disciplines.

Susan Mazer

Professor of Ecology and Evolution

The Mazer lab aims to detect the mechanisms by which plants adapt to ecological risks and opportunities, and to explore the genetic constraints that may limit the rate or degree of adaptation.

Galan Moody

Assistant Professor

3003 Henley Hall
Professor Moody’s research group develops integrated quantum photonic technologies for computing, communications, and metrology.

Daniel Morse

Distinguished Research Professor

Discovery of biophysical & genetic surrogates for phosphorylation controlling amyloid formation, protein assembly, structure & function.

Arnab Mukherjee

Assistant Professor

3349 Engineering II
We look for biomolecules with unusual physical and chemical properties and retool these to develop MRI tools for exploring biological functions from neuroscience to infection imaging.
Research interests are doping and transport in organic semiconductors, materials characterization, bioelectronics, and device physics

Michelle O'Malley


3353 Engineering II
Genetic engineering and synthetic biology of non-model microorganisms.

Linda Petzold

Distinguished Professor

Professor Petzold's current research focuses on computational methods, mathematical modeling and machine learning, with application to a wide range of problems from systems biology, neuroscience, medicine and engineering.

Angela Pitenis

Assistant Professor

3019 MRL
Soft, biological, and bio-inspired materials and interfaces.

Javier Read de Alaniz


1631-D PSBN
The goal of our research is to develop robust and efficient synthetic approaches for applications in functional materials.

Jon Schuller

Associate Professor

3221C ESB
We study subwavelength light-matter interactions to better understand and exploit nanoscale optical properties.

Rachel Segalman

Edward N. Kramer Professor
Dept Chair of Chemical Engineering

3353A Engineering II
Bioinspired polymer synthesis and self-assembly to control properties.

Ram Seshadri


3008 MRL
Work in the Seshadri lab broadly addresses the topic of structure–composition–property relations in crystalline inorganic and hybrid materials, with a focus on magnetic materials and materials for energy conversion and storage.
Our lab focuses on quantum materials, in particular, thin films and heterostructures of correlated oxides and topological materials.

Ryan Stowers

Assistant Professor

3112 BioE
Engineering biomaterials for mechanobiology.

Dmitri Strukov


5153 Harold Frank Hall
Dmitri’s research broadly concerns different aspects of computation, in particular addressing questions on how to efficiently perform computation on various levels of abstraction.

Megan Valentine

Co-Director, CNSI

Mechanics of cells and tissues; design of bio-inspired materials with applications to packaging, healthcare and robotics; instrument development.
Van de Walle develops and employs first-principles computational techniques to model structure and behavior of materials.

Yon Visell

Associate Professor

Elings 2213
Research on haptic science and engineering, soft robotics, and additive manufacturing.

Vojtech Vlcek

Assistant Professor

4138A Chem
Dr. Vlcek's research enables an accurate quantum description of realistic nanoscale systems.

David Weld

Associate Professor

4119 Broida
Quantum dynamics with ultracold atoms.

Lizzy Wilbanks

Assistant Professor

My research is driven by the hunt for the elusive interactions of wild microbes and seeks to understand the structure and activity of natural bacterial and archaeal populations

Max Wilson

Assistant Professor

We use photo-switchable proteins to precisely control how information flows through biological networks to understand how cells make decisions.

Stephen Wilson

Director, NSF Quantum Foundry

3215 Elings Hall
Synthesis and advanced characterization of new quantum materials.

Yangying Zhu

Assistant Professor

2231D ESB
Micro and nanoscale thermo-fluid engineering for sustainable energy and electronics.